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4R’s of Problem solving



Every leader constantly faces problems or challenges in organization. Some problems are known to him, some are unknown. Solving problems on his own is not a big deal but due to lack of delegation his most of time & energy is wasted. The biggest challenge for any leader is how to get the problem solved through others.

There are 4 types of leaders who get the problems solved through others. Which one are you?

1. React – These types of leaders get panic & immediately start telling solutions. They neither completely listen the problem nor understand it. They are always in hurry to provide solutions. They blame the person who created the problem. Sometimes that person also has the solution to the problem but he is afraid to take decision on his own.

In such cases, it takes the lot of time to get expected outcome. These types of leaders never try to understand the real cause behind the problem. So, similar problems occur repeatedly. Most of the times, these leaders get stuck into the vicious circle of problem solving.

2. Respond – These types of leaders listen the problems carefully. They also provide solutions but they as well show different ways to solve the problem. They guide the person to explore why the problem got created, what is the root cause & how to avoid mistakes in future so that the similar problem cannot happen again.

3. Relate the problems with past – These types of leaders listen the problem completely. They give past references & provoke the person to think. They empower the person to take decision & find out solutions. Sometimes they provide hint if needed.

4. Result orientedThese types of leaders never provide any kind of solutions. They ask questions to the person who brought the problem. They use different styles to ask questions & force the person to think, apply his mind, knowledge & past experience. Asking right questions is an important quality of a leader. Instead of focusing on who created the problem, why the problem got created; they focus on the solution. They ask questions like how to solve the problem, what are different ways to solve the problem. In this way they effectively lead the person to solve the problem.

“You can’t solve a problem unless

You ask the right question”

It is neither practically possible for a leader to solve each and every problem nor he should. He should let the people come up with solutions or delegate yet make sure that it is resolved.


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