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Full stop. A New Beginning!

Full stop

The dictionary meaning of a full stop says it is “used to suggest that there is nothing more to say on a topic”. In my opinion, it’s the other way round, the real topic starts from the full stop. It is a completion of one phase & the beginning of the subsequent.

Sometimes we need a full stop in our life and it is essential, if we want to move forward. There are many people around us who are good at one phase but they fail in subsequent phases. For example, some people are good at planning, but they fail in executing the same plan. There could be various reasons behind & one of it is the lack of a full stop. Because, they don’t feel satisfied with the current plan what they have, they chase to make it more and more effective. Every day, new ideas pop up in their mind and they modify the plan accordingly. It becomes an ongoing process & they are badly stuck in the vicious cycle. Such situations warrant a full stop. So that one can come up with the final plan & execute it properly.

 Individuals deal with below three situations, where a full stop is essential.

  1. Who overthinks everything: Some people think a lot about everything. Sometimes, they think about the end result, about the society, about the people what will they say, about their own capabilities etc. Due to overthinking most of the times they make a disaster of many a small thing. They don’t come to a conclusion, so things don’t move ahead in their life. Sometimes, they sabotage good things that are happening in life with overthinking.
  1. Overthinking creates problems

    that were never there.

Instead of overthinking, focus on the work and start taking appropriate actions.

2. Who have a feeling of incompleteness: There are some people who always have a feeling of incompleteness. They never feel satisfied with themselves. Because either they don’t believe in themselves or in their own capabilities or expertise. They always think about what they don’t have or what they lack. They wait for the right time to come in their life.

Trying to be perfect creates stress and

may be even make you disappointed with yourself.

Right time, right moment never comes. You have to make it right. Remember, no one is perfect in this world. Instead of becoming a perfectionist think about a workable solution.

3. Who does nothing: There are some people who do nothing in their life or get stuck in comfort zone. We all love to stay in comfort zone because it makes our life safe & easy, it becomes our routine. There are no tensions in life.

Comfort zone is a beautiful place to be.

But nothing grows there.

Staying longer in comfort zone is not a good sign. It is a place where we cannot grow. The world is changing fast and thus everything. Even expectations from life, career is also changing. If you stay longer in comfort zone, time will put a full stop to your life.

Somewhere in your life if you feel that things aren’t moving ahead, put a full stop. Full stop is the beginning of a new chapter. It’s all about your perception. Change your perception about the full stop and change your life forever!!


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