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Easy to Start, Difficult to Sustain!


On the 1st of January, every year, most of us make many resolutions for upcoming year, thinking that this can be the turning point of our life and this is the perfect time to turn a new page in our life. New Year resolutions involve making lifestyle changes or other important changes. However very few of us are able to achieve these resolutions.Studies say that, the first two weeks of January usually go along beautifully, but by February, people start backsliding and by December, most people are back to where they started. I think, It is very easy to start anything but sustenance is very difficult.
In the last 3-4 years, one of my resolutions was to develop the habit of reading. Every January, I used to read only one book and then I was not able to sustain it.So this year, I did it strategically. I decided to read only one book a month.It was my plan not to overload myself with this goal only.
I followed few steps to accomplish my goal.
1. Declare your goal: It is very important to declare your goal in front of your family members, friends or colleagues. They always remind you of your goal. Sometimes they might laugh at you, but I must say that they are the best reminders in your life.
2. Take small steps: when you decide to do anything new, make a plan of it. Divide the task into small steps.
3. Appreciate yourself: whenever you accomplish anything small related to your goal, give yourself a pat on the back.
4. Quarterly review: this is the most important step of any task if you want to sustain it in the long run. After a while we go back to our usual routine and at times we fail to remember our goals. In those cases, reviews help a lot. It shows us how much we have progressed.
Questions to raise –
a. Where am I now?
b. Where I wanted to be?
c. What is my next step?
I started with a simple book called “Two States” written by an Indian author Chetan Bhagat. It took me two weeks to read it. I felt like I’d truly accomplished something and I started reading books every month.
However in July, August & September my focus shifted to driving and so I was not able to read books in those 3 months.At that time reviewing helped me a lot. I set reminders on my mobile & on my mails on the last week of those three months. In case, I procrastinate, reviewing my status for that day, I allowed myself a few more days. So in October, I refocused on my goal and read the novel of Shiva – trilogy series written by Amish Tripathi.
In this way, I accomplished my goal. Now my New Year resolution is to start writing blogs and I feel writing this article is my first step towards it.

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My dream came true!

Some of you may know about Ganesh festival. It is celebrated in India as well as outside of India.

It started in Pune. Many people visit Pune during this festival. Pune city is especially famous for procession. In the grand procession, there are lots of activities performed by different pathakas (teams) like Dhol- Tasha (musical instruments) team, Lezim (musical instrument) teams, dhwaj (Flag) team, Sword fighting teams, elephant procession, women & children dress in traditional attire and sit on horse during procession.

When I saw the procession for the first time in Pune, I was so surprised and excited. As I had never seen this kind of procession in my life. At that time a thought came in my mind that I should participate in it. But I did not know anything about it like who can participate in it, what is the procedure, are there any criteria? Fortunately I came to know one of my friends is a part of one team “Yuva Pathak” (Dhol-Tasha Team). I asked her lot of questions and she calmly said to me there are no any criteria.  You just go and join that team. I was very happy.

Practice started 2 months before the festival. On the first day, I went at the place of the practice. There were 3 teams performing so I was confused & enrolled my name in one team. After that I started searching my friend. But I couldn’t find her. I called her on mobile & told I enrolled my name in the team. She laughed & told me that you enrolled your name in different team. Then I cancelled my name from that team and registered in “Yuva Team”. It was the first day of practice so the old team performed as they performed in the procession. And new joiners like me were told to watch the performance. I observed that performance and realized that there participants were of all generations.

Yuva Pathak

On the 2nd day, new joiner started practicing. One girl helped me to tie that big drum (Dhol) to my waist and suddenly thought came in my mind.. OMG! how can I carry this heavy drum in the procession. But after that I concentrated on what the leaders were teaching. I was so confused. I didn’t understand when to beat the drum and when to stop. I was so tired. My waist, thighs and hand were swollen that night. I remembered even though I didn’t eat anything and I slept. That night was very painful for me.

Then every day we practiced a lot. Gradually we got tuned up with it. Now there was no confusion. Also we practiced how to walk in the procession with that big drum. We performed on 1st, 3rd, 5th & 7th day during festival. But the main attraction is last day procession.

On the last day, we gathered in one school and got ready. The whole team was prepared for the procession of one of the famous Ganpati in Pune (Tulshibaug Ganpati). It started at 1pm from Abhinav Chowk, Laxmi road. We tied our respected instruments. I was so excited. Roads were overcrowded. All were in enthusiastic mood. On our first beat, what a kind of response we got from public! OMG! So you know it created more energy within us and we performed it very happily. Crowd was cheering us, clicking our images and shooting videos. It was an outstanding experience in my life.


While playing drum, I was so involved into it. I forgot all my worries & tensions. I was enjoying each & every moment.

I learned lots of thing during those days. I realized that I have lots of physical strength. I am a good team player as well as I got confidence that if I dream something and chase my dream, I could make it happen.

Thanks to Yuva pathak for giving me such a nice opportunity.