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Corals, Fish & I

12 meter deep in the ocean, no people, no sound, no pollution… no boss and no work tensions…

ONLY… colorful corals and fishes, how would you feel?

Cool? Awesome? Fantastic? Wonderful?

I had the same feelings when I went scuba diving first time in my life.


When we planned a trip to Andaman Islands, the first thought was in my mind to go for scuba diving because since my childhood, I have seen many underwater documentaries and scuba divers on the television and I wanted to experience it.

Finally the day had come. We reached at North Bay island at 10 o’clock in the morning. I ran at the scuba diving center excitedly. I enrolled myself and I was introduced to my instructor.


First he gave me a wet suit & shoes. He tied a heavy weight belt around my waist. The mask was put on my face which covered my eyes & nose. I wore a buoyancy compensator. Buoyancy compensator is a life jacket and it was equipped with air tank, breathing regulator and pressure gauge. In this way I was completely ready with all necessary safety equipments needed for the scuba diving.


Before we proceed for diving, my instructor taught me breathing technique. Initially it was difficult to inhale & exhale through mouth by using breathing apparatus. I practiced it in shallow water. Then he taught me 3 important signs which I had to use underwater for communication. The first sign was ‘thumbs up’  means I am not feeling comfortable and I want to go up, the second sign was ‘thumbs down’ means I want go deeper and the last sign was ‘Ok’ and it means I am feeling awesome & comfortable.


And the real mission started…YES I dived for the first time. I was slowly entering into the new world. I was attentive and looking around curiously. The water was so clear. There was complete peace & silence.

I first came across Nemo’s reef. Nemo is a clown fish which made famous by the English movie ‘Finding Nemo’. I touched the reef. it was very sticky and soft. Suddenly I saw a small shark, it hovered next to my mask.

nemo reef

I was constantly trying to look around in all the directions simultaneously to make sure that I wouldn’t miss anything.

we came across to the other side where there was Corral garden. Those were live corals, very colorful, beautiful, different shapes and attractive. Some corals were as huge as mountain.


we went deeper and deeper. And I became the part of that world. Every moment I was exploring a completely new thing in my life. And suddenly my instructor signed me to go up.

I was saddened because I didn’t want to leave such a beautiful place. I wanted to explore it more. But every beginning has the end. I was going back to my world with the feelings of accomplishment.

I thanked to god for gifting me such a precious moment in my life.

My dear friends, sometimes a break from your routine is a very thing you need because not only it gives you happiness but also it gives a lifetime experience which you never dreamed of.

Have a wonderful life !